Your personal taxes.

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Your Personal Taxes- Imposecur

Imposecur, your taxes 100% digital and 100% secure!

You received a document during the year, and you think it will be useful for the tax return, take a picture and save it on a completely secure platform.
Your customer space is permanently accessible and protected with the latest in IT security.

Our mission

Optimize your tax return, maximize tax credits, and stay compliant with tax laws.

Provide exceptional customer service, respond promptly to our client’s inquiries, and provide them with clear and understandable tax advice and solutions.

Stay up to date with the latest tax laws and regulatory changes to provide our clients with accurate and up-to-date tax advice.

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Our services

Our team of professionals are happy to help you with your personal income taxes in person or on-line:

  • Personal and family income tax returns RRSP calculation, special credits for children, scholarship credit,etc.
  • Seniors and Retirees' Taxes
  • Taxes on death, trust taxes
  • Immigrant income taxes
  • Non-resident taxes
  • Income taxes for investments
  • Rental income taxes
  • Self-employed income taxes

Our experts

Our tax experts are available all year round to answer your questions:

Get quick, clear, and specific answers to a concern about your taxes or a notice of assessment or letter from the government.

Our professionals will be there to assist and advise you.

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How does it work?


Complete the information request.


Activate your account.


Submit your documents and complete the questionnaires.


Our professional will process your return and contact you.

Related services

Enrich your return with RRSP planning, available year-round.

You are self-employed where you have rental properties and you need an application to manage your bills, contact our team to activate your access.All invoices and receipts will be scanned and archived for life.

You have questions about your finances, retirement, and investments, we put you in contact with one of our business partners.

They will be there to advise you.

Do you have any questions about our services?

Visit our “FAQ” to find answers to most of your questions.
Find important dates, procedures, security, deadlines and much more.

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